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You have the right idea about life . . . You know you want something BETTER than your parents had. You know you want a lifestyle that fulfills you. You know you want to be a boss, create wealth and gain influence. But, adulting has you stuck somewhere between what you want and what you could have. Fear has you paralyzed into an empty routine. And, although you are ready for change, you have no clue where to start.


Introducing #PThreeCon. The Poised, Passion & Purpose Conference is a one-day workshop designed for the millennial who knows he or she has radical purpose burning within, but hasn't been able to tap into it yet. Birthed from the passion & purpose of creative writer and business owner Danielle Hairston, this conference vows to give you practical tools to revitalize and refocus creativity, uncover your passion, and find exactly where you belong. No more procrastination. No more avoidance. It's time to get focused!