Why Finding Who You Are Can Sometimes Seem Overwhelming

I truly believe us-millennials are a special generation. We are smart, innovative and spontaneous. We have all the skills to change the nation, but for some reason, statistics don't seem to reflect that:

  • Gallup Research found that millennials (55 percent) don't feel engaged at work.

  • Gallup Research says that we change jobs more often than other generations (21 percent of millennials report switching jobs within the last year).

  • Deloitte Research found that a majority of millennials only have ambitions to make money. Yet, less than 40 percent of millennials are what Gallup defines as “thriving” in any one aspect of wellbeing.

To me, these statistics show that although we are brilliant, we are living with a level of discontent — you know, like an itch that just can't seemed to be scratched. I believe that we want more out of life than the 9-to-5 job that our parents had — but, what is this "more" and how do we get it?

What's the disconnect?

I think it has to do with our focus. Between adulting and social media scrolling, our search for real answers about who we are and what we want gets too overwhelming. We shut down and end up in the same place, year after year, just going through the motions because we are too afraid to step out and do something against our comfortable habits of coping.

Did that just make your stomach drop a little?

Then my conference, Poised Passion & Purpose: Finding The Theme Of Your Life, may be for you. On August 24, we're going to finally address all those things in your life that are holding you back from really becoming who you've always wanted to be. Finances, education, relationships, self-worth — the breakout sessions are going to dive deep into it all.


Because I know what's it's like to be where you are: fearful of the future, while being stuck in the fog of the past. I want to give you the freedom that God gave me to explore the "what if" that kept plaguing my thoughts and dreams.

I am going to help you find your passion & purpose!

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