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Your Next Step Is To Find You.

Become at peace with who you are

Master your individual confidence

Find clarity in your relationships.

Where Can Uniqueness Take You?

Become at peace with who you are

Master your individual confidence

Find clarity in your relationships.

About Me Page/Section:

Refined Vision Therapeutic Services, LLC

Founded by Ammereta Gaskin, LMFT

Amie Gaskin, LMFT

Refined Vision Therapeutic Services is a holistic therapy service run by licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Ammereta Gaskin, LMFT. Her ultimate goal is to educate and help clients master their peace of mind, cultivate a healthier self, and ultimately form healthier relationships.

Ammereta pours generously into individuals and dating and engaged couples during counseling sessions, as well as into the members of her MasterPeace program. She helps her clients find peace and clarity at times when mental health and past experiences have impacted their sense of self-awareness. Her clients are drawn to her innate skills to nurture, show genuine empathy, and provide a comfortable, brave environment that fosters growth. With each session, it’s her mission to urge clients toward their personal milestones.

Ammereta has a heart for those struggling to accept their uniqueness. Bullied at a young age, she faced insecurities and self-doubt throughout grade school. In college, she decided to make a change. She embarked on a journey to undo negative thought patterns and repair conscious damage in order to love herself just the way she was made. She cultivated a space to discover who she was as an individual and friend. This ongoing journey to self-awareness has brought her peace and passion that she wants to help others discover for themselves.

Ammereta also has a passion for building healthy couples. She watched her parents beat the odds and sustain a successful marriage of 35 years— but, not without lots of investment. Ammereta’s work with couples aims to heal them as individuals and partners and prepare them for the love and sacrificial investment it takes to make a union just as sustainable as the one she witnessed throughout her life.

Outside of her therapeutic room, Ammereta offers speaking engagements on self-esteem, inner happiness and self-health within the community. Her own self-love routine consists of horseback riding, aerial silk classes, ministry work at her church with teen girls — and anything dealing with laughter and a New-York-style slice of pizza!

Ammereta’s Credentials:

Bachelor’s in Behavior Analysis

Master’s in Family Therapy

Level 1 certification in Gottman Therapy for couples

PrepareEnrich certification in premarital counseling

Ammereta’s Specialties:

Ages 16 to 45

Teen & Adult Anxiety

Self Esteem

Work Life Balance Adjustments

Mild to Moderate Depression

Love and Relationships

Relationship Conflict, Maintenance

Pre-Marital Counsel

Ammereta’s Contact:

Facebook: Refined Vision

IG: @refinedvision_


MasterPeace Page:

See Yourself As A MasterPeace.

Master Your Uniqueness. Find Your Peace.

It’s time to discover, rediscover or elevate who you are in the world. The MasterPeace program was created with the idea that every individual is a work of art:

“When you are in an art gallery, you realize each piece featured is unique. It can be identified by one person as a Masterpiece because it is unique in the eyes of that person.” ~Ammereta Gaskin

MasterPeace Founder, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Ammereta Gaskin, has done the work on herself. Now, she’s here to help you do yours. MasterPeace will include a series of webinars and workshops that will help you build positive mental health and conquer your most unique attributes.

Join MasterPeace today!

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Book Ammereta For Your Next Event!

Ammereta’s stage presence and eloquent speeches bring powerful, eye-opening advice and practical tools to help transform the lives of your audiences, listeners — and even your employees! Ammereta Gaskin is a