Rainy Days Are Perfect For Brainstorming Content

It's usually raining opportunity in Atlanta — literally!

The weather channels continue to forecast rainy day after rainy day. Combine that with the city's traffic, and it's probably better to stay inside as much as possible.

But, the rain shouldn't kill your spirit! In fact, rainy days are the perfect opportunity to catch up your content calendars. With the extra free time and soothing rain as a creative lure, here are some things you can do to brainstorm that you wouldn't normally have time for. ​​

1 - Read.

Keeping your content fresh, engaging and on subject can be difficult. Get some inspiration from the people that do it best — your favorite authors! 

2 - Research new technology. There's a new phone or gadget releasing every day! These technology advances shape how your customers consume your content, and ultimately shape the kinds of content you should produce to appeal to them. You may be able to incorporate new technology into your content strategy. It's worth a try! 

3 - Revisit your brand strategy.  It's easy to get off track with your posts, especially if you are trying to create fresh content. Revisit your brand guidelines to make sure the content your company is publishing continues to align with your brand voice.

3 - Go back through your archives.  If you've had your website and social media for a while, you may be able to repurpose old content. Odds are, you have a different perspective or a new audience to share it with now!

4 - Watch a webinar. Check out YouTube and other video streaming sites to get the latest tips on building content from expert content strategists. Our Quarter II Content Pep Talk series will dive into creating selling content for your business and brand — and it starts this weekend! Register to get each webinar straight to your email. 

After brainstorming, work your ideas into some monthly "content themes" that will drive your content through the end of the year. Congrats — filling in your content calendar just got a little more organized! And, since it's going to rain through the weekend, you'll have plenty of time to fill it in! 

For assistance with your content building calendars and strategy, contact the professionals at Poised Studios via our online forum, or by emailing info@PoisedStudios.com.