What To Expect As A Poised Client

At Poised Studios, we write SEO-optimized, results-driven copy for your business. We specialize in cultivating the words and strategy for your life story, your business goals, and the messages that influence and inspire your audiences — but our assignment is much deeper than that.

More than anything, we are passionate about purpose activation. We create content that speaks to your identity, first. Our goal is to open your heart and mind to all the possibilities you have as you pursue what you love. We don’t take it lightly because we know resistance comes along with such a mission.

The devil doesn’t want you to know your purpose or how powerful you are. He wants you to think you are nobody and your business isn’t important or impactful. We passionately fight that narrative every day, in both the physical and spiritual realm, because we know it’s detrimental to your legacy.

Here are three things we try to instill in all our clients:

1) You are everything to Jesus. He died for you to have a life beyond your wildest dreams.

2) God formed you in your mother’s womb with a plan and purpose that is good.

3) Without your life, there would be a gaping hole in destiny. Your purpose plays a huge roll in the becoming process of those connected to you, from your friends and family to your customers and followers.

By taking you as a client, we commit to going to war against any evidence of low self-confidence and small thinking that contradicts these truths. We labor to produce life-giving copy and strategy that can set you on a fruitful path of being, doing, and having.

To Sum It Up, You Are Necessary

We value the time and trust you give us as a client. We commit to listening to you, praying for you, strategizing with you and cheering on your successes from the passenger seat of your success journey.

We’re here for you!

If you're struggling with your purpose, we encourage you to download our purpose prompts, a 17-question guide to help you discover your passions and connect them to your purpose. Or, you can book a 1-on-1 purpose strategy with us!