Presentation Pitches For International Speaker Andre Norman

Title: Working with Former Felons

Short description:

Despite their past mistakes, former felons have the raw talent and eager work ethic to thrive in the workforce. As more ex-offenders transition out of the nightmare of prison and into civilian communities, more companies are faced with the task of pruning such talent, often with limited resources. How can your company leverage its assets to successful transition an employee from the strict, isolated lifestyle of prison to a forward-thinking and collaborative work environment? In this lecture, Andre Norman uses his 14 years of experience to answer this question, and bridge the gap between corporate practice and the prison mentality. Learn what to look for and how to engage former felons to be the best employees they can be for your bottom-line.

Take Away:

A in-depth look into the felon physique

How to foster a healthy environment that promotes teamwork and sufficiency

How to know and when to let someone go

Target Audience: Companies that employ former felons at entry-level positions

Title: Prison Yard to Harvard

Short description:

Everyone has that epiphany moment when they realize they’ve hit rock bottom and need to make a change. Andre Norman had that moment while in solitary confinement, after years of criminal misconduct left him serving a 100-year sentence in prison. With a goal to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, he decided to leave his violent habits in the past and pursue success. Here’s the story of how he saved his own life — an inspiring, teachable, real-life depiction of how to turn your life around despite a grudgingly dark past. In this presentation, Andre shares his impossible journey from a tough upbringing, through prison, and to his ultimate dream – Harvard University. Get invaluable insight on the change required to walk into the better life you want, no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

Take Away:

How to go from surviving to thriving

The importance of having a dream

How and where to apply your discipline, vision and focus

Tips for networking as an ex-offender

Target Audience: Corporate keynotes, conferences, meetings, chapter meetings and fundraisers and anyone who hasn’t cried in a while

Title: Step 1

Short description:

It takes a village to fight addiction, and the process is often a heartbreaking, time-consuming one. While the addict is struggling to fight remorse, hopelessness and fear of treatment, their loved ones are in constant fear of the addictive behavior and its consequences. In this lecture, Andre Norman gives practical advice on how to recognize and address this disease in a healthy, effective way. Learn how to see past an addict's attempts to cover things up, how addictions affect work life and home life, and what you could be doing in the office to support an addict and his or her family before, through and after treatment.

Take Away:

How to get a loved one into treatment

How to support family members that are around the addict

What recovery really looks like

Target Audience: Anyone working within the company

Title: Community Transformation

Short Description:

Having been exposed to both sides of the fence, felon-turned-philanthropist Andre Norman has become a trusted advisor for businesses and corporations on how to maximize their corporate giving. That’s because they've seen the evidence of his motto: “You are not measured by how much money you make, but how many lives you touch.” Whether it’s building outreach centers in the local neighborhood or creating schools and shelter for impoverished nations, Norman uses his experience and expertise to walk business through the steps toward effective, mutually beneficial outreach efforts. In this lecture, Andre gives a glimpse of what that process looks like, as well as the practical tools companies can start using right away to create community engagement that has a lasting impact.

Take Away:

How to assess and understand true needs

How to create a community via engagement

Best practices for staff involvement and follow up

Target audience: Corporate CEOs, senior management, community event committees and public relations teams

Title: “I Can Only Imagine”

Short descriptions:

Many people take the wrong route in life not because they are bad people, but because that's all they have been exposed to. As a believer, it's your job to show others the better side of life. Since his life-changing encounter with a Rabbi in prison, Andre Norman challenges folks to use religion to teach both believers and nonbelievers how to simply be good humans. In this lecture, Andre shares his Christian faith and how the power of Jesus resurrected him from his violent past and took him from the lowest place on earth to be a global ambassador of hope. You will learn the importance of speaking life into others and how to lend hands of understanding and love instead of condemnation and judgment.

Take Away:

The true meaning behind “God loves everyone”

How to increase your faith in the impossible

Why the greatest amongst us is the serpent

Target Audience: Business with a Christian foundation

Title: Prison Politics

Short descriptions:

As one of the top gang leaders inside a maximum-security prison, Andre Norman decided to transform his life with a dream to go to Harvard. Learn how Andre went from fighting in th