Email 101: Tips For Coronavirus Communications

With many stuck in the house, everyone's looking for fresh new ways to engage with the world right now. If you're a small business owner or brand, you're likely looking for ways to capitalize on the increased emphasis on digital media, including social media and Google. People are frantically searching these platforms for ways to pass the time and updates about how their jobs, livelihoods and health will be affected in the next coming months.

If you're like me, you've received an email from just about every company offering updates about what they are doing to (frankly put) keep your business. This is REALLY smart and EXTREMELY necessary. Sending emails to your customers and subscribers in crisis keeps you top of mind, despite all the craze that's ensuing.

But bigger than that, what should these emails really say? You can't just throw something together just to be say you did. Instead, your emails should convey:

1. Humility & Honesty

2. Empathy & Compassion

3. Action & Perseverance

Here are my best practices on how to create an email that handles all 3!

First, Figure Out How Your Business Fits Into The Mix.

Avoid offering sales, discounts and other things that don't address or reference what's going on right now. Instead, assess what your customers may need from your industry during this crisis. Ask yourself questions like:

"What are my clients doing while quarantined?"

"What are they worried about?"

"What are they hoping for at the end of this thing?"

Remember that you're customers are humans. You want to acknowledge their feeling and treat them as such! If you don't address their needs and fears, you run the risk of sounding indifferent and dismissive. Trust me, with cancel culture, you don't want that.

Second, Offer Your Unique Solution

Address key problems and concerns and say how you are going to help. How can you tailor your products or services to resolve your customers needs during in this time? Tell them before they ask! Customers want to know that you're proactively, unselfishly thinking about what they need. They want to know that they can trust you to make their life easier during this hard time.

Third, Personalize Your Emails

Now's the time to use HTML coding to customize your emails with first names. People want to feel as if you're talking to them — not just issuing blanket statements to the world. Mailchimp is one of the many platforms that lets you customize the "TO" field, as well as include personalized messages within the body of your email.

Fourth, Refresh Clients On Who You Are.

Now's a great time to introduce and re-introduce yourself. Toward the end of your email, throw in a little branded messaging about what you stand for or a heart-felt testimonial from a past client. You just want to remind people that you have been and will always be a resource for them, should they ever need you.

We all hope that things go back to normal soon, but I suspect that how businesses and brands communicate with their audiences may be altered forever. Now is the time to create more meaningful connects with your audiences. Now is the time to show who you really are.

“A person's true character is often revealed in time of crisis or temptation. Make sure that you have what it takes to be your best in such times.” – Dr Paul TP Wong.

Take care of yourself & keep those hands clean! :)

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