Blog For Celebrity Chef Network: When Hiring a Celebrity Chef, What Should You Expect?

You’ve created a hefty budget for a spokesperson—maybe with heavy negotiation. With that, you want to make sure your celebrity chef spokesperson meets and exceeds everyone’s expectations.

At Celebrity Chef Network, we have a database of thousands of celebrity chefs available to help take your event, product, or service to a new level. Simply search the type of specialty chef you want, or call a brainstorming meeting of the minds to browse each list on our site. However, we suggest taking a deep look at your complete campaign well before you do so. We’ve learned throughout the years that a valuable partnership is not only about notoriety and industry expertise but also about a seamless partnership that runs smoothly, both externally and internally.

So what makes your celebrity chef partnership a success? It’s the one thing that is too often overlooked: setting clearly defined expectations. Here are seven things you should expect—and vocalize—when you hire a celebrity chef spokesperson.

1. Expect a pro at absorbing new information.

Booking a big-name celebrity chef as a spokesperson can be a game changer for any company; however, without preparation, it becomes a complete disaster. Consumers are quickly put off by celebrity talents who mispronounce companies’ names or stumble over websites and calls-to-action. Think of your celebrity chef as an extension of your company, someone who is able to answer any question thrown at him—or who can at least eloquently direct consumers to a resource that offers the information they can’t.

Expect your celebrity chef to be good at retaining and relaying new information in a short amount of time, but remember that having a celebrity chef spokesperson works best when the brand and talent have dedicated enough time for a talent to learn and practice talking points. In preparing to book celebrity talent, consider how much time you are allotting for him to learn the way you’d like him to address your event, product, service or brand. He should be able to recite an elevator pitch at a moment’s notice!

2. Expect a genuine interest in learning about your brand.

If your celebrity chef talent is only in it for the money, then that will definitely show in her spokesperson role, regardless to how good she talks your brand up. You should expect your celebrity chef to be interested in how your product/brand works and what it adds to the market. With that, be prepared to answer her questions and provide clear, concise resources to do so. For example, your celebrity chef might not have time to read an entire manual explaining the mechanics that went into making the blades on your amazing new knife collection; but, she should be excited to learn and explain to others how the product has elevated the art of chopping vegetables for consumers and other chefs alike.

3. Expect a professional, positive attitude.

From photo shoots and press tours to events and live cooking demos, in the cuisine world things hardly ever go according to plan. There will likely be unexpected shifts in agendas, extended workdays or even spills and wardrobe malfunctions (we’re not wishing that for you, trust us!). You should expect a spokesperson that can roll with the punches and maintain a positive attitude toward your staff, stakeholders, consumers and any other touch points. Likewise, make sure that you are ready to provide a coffee or his favorite snack should you see his energy levels going south.

Remember, the celebrity chef you choose will be a representative of your brand. Celebrity Chef Network has a database of elite professionals who are masters under pressure, as well as in the kitchen.

4. Expect a schedule that can fulfill the contract.

Whether it’s spotlighting her own TV show or twirling the pots in her own kitchen, you can imagine that a worthwhile celebrity chef is busy keeping folks fed. Make sure to set an expectation about the time commitment of your partnership. Should she clear her schedule for a one-day shoot for a commercial or a month-long press tour commitment? Don't forget to include hair, makeup, and a lunch break!

Moreover, set an expectation that your celebrity chef is on time. Missed live hits for interviews or delayed start times for events are rocky ways to introduce a new aspect of your brand. Of course, some things are out of your control, but your celebrity chef should understand you expect her to be punctual.

5. Expect an awe-inspiring story of their own.

Your chef spokesperson is an influencer because people aspire to be like him. Seek to partner with a celebrity chef that has a personal story that aligns with the mission of your brand. That is what adds the personal touch of credibility to anything they say.

Consider, Evan Goldstein, one of the nation’s top food and wine connoisseurs, for example. He was once one of the youngest to accomplish the task of passing the Master Sommeliers test in 1987. He is able to speak on the triumphs of being a pioneer in his field—something you would want people to relate to your brand!

6. Expect a respected voice for your product.

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine has more than 25 years of cooking experience behind him. He knows what people expect from a good meal and has spent his career trying to the food industry better. People are likely to trust what he says when it comes to food or food-industry products. Expect an impact like Irvine's! That requires you to book someone who goes beyond expertise to innovative. This type of spokesperson can address your audience, connect with them, draw emotion from them, and swiftly lead them to excitedly carry out your call to action.

Expect that when your celebrity chef talks or endorses something, the audiences will automatically be convinced it’s a brand they should believe in. This requires you to think outside of press engagements or commercials you’ve set up and look at how the chef is incorporating your product into her own promotional channels, such as social media, television shows and even in her restaurants. This requires you to know more about the following she has generated and create a plan for how she is sharing your brand with them.

7. Expect to have a buying following.

What good would speaking on behalf of your product be if his audience isn’t willing to buy your products afterward? Too often, celebrities have the power to get your name out there, but that’s it. Expect your celebrity chef to introduce your brand to an audience that not only sees your products, but is energetically willing to learn more about it and invest in it.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is a great example. He is a garden-to-table chef extraordinaire that has published seventeen cookbooks, along with being a TV celebrity in more than 40 countries. His book, “Super Food Family Classics” is one of the best-selling. So, you know that he’s got a following that’s ready to purchase his advice, tips, and tricks.

Jamie Deen, for instance, the son of Paula Deen, is another strong example. He and his families’ sandwich delivery service was one of the most successful restaurant launches in America. Still, you shouldn’t book Jamie Deen expecting to get his mother’s following. Although they are related, they have two different brands. For example, his food has a slightly healthier focus.

8. Expect a booking agency that cares.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a company that can give you insight on all of these expectations? When you hire a famous celebrity chef through Celebrity Chef Network, we do the legwork for you! We are committed to making your booking process seamless, convenient, and cost-effective for you. Email us at or call (212)335-1377 to speak with a Celebrity Chef Network representative about booking celebrity chefs for your upcoming events.